1.  Open a new spreadsheet.  In the first sheet of the workbook, type in the balance sheet names and amounts for the two years given for the company.  (Use a homework problem that you've already completed manually.

2.  Type in the income statement accounts and their amounts below the balance sheet.

3.  Write a formula that computes the net change in each balance sheet account.

4.  Tie the amounts from the income statement to the relevant balance sheet accounts, using the proper signs for an increase/decrease in the balance sheet accounts.

5.  Write a formula that computes the missing amount for each balance sheet account which will explain the net change from step 3.

6.  Go to the second sheet of the workbook and type in the format of a cash flow statement. 

7.  Link amounts from the balance sheet worksheet to the cash flow statement.  (Remember the f(x) commands.)

8.  At this point you should have a completed cash flow statement.  Compare your answer with the one done in class.  If there are any discrepancies, fix them.

9.  Turn in a copy of this completed cash flow statement.

10.  Clear out the balance sheet and income statement amounts from the problem, then print the spreadsheet showing formulas.